We are an Australian owned Real Estate Agency which is specialised in private sale (sell yourself) & fixed fee for the sale of your home. With Magicsell you save thousands.
Magicsell offers 2 options. Full Service Fixed Fee $6999 & Private sale (DIY) $699.

If you prefer to go for an auction under full service, it will be an extra $650 to cover the cost of the auctioneer.
We are completely transparent & there’s nothing hidden with us. Our 24/7 great service and online selling flexibility makes us different.
We have our customised online portal where we give clients access to sell their own homes. Also, with our flat fees, we have a very structured approach to selling your home with minimum fuss. We offer 24/7 customer support and access to track the sale progress of your home. With one centralised office, we can pass on the cost savings to you.
It only cost flat fee of $6999 to sell your property, which includes experienced dedicated property agent.
Yes, if you prefer to go with an auction than auctions are an extra $650 to cover the cost of the auctioneer.
• A dedicated agent is appointed to look after your property from appraisal to sale
• All advertising costs are included
• Advertising Material
• Professional photography
• Brochures
• Property Signage
• Managed open for inspections
• Negotiating with potential buyers
Yes. Price is inclusive of everything.
If we don’t sell we don’t charge anything but very rare.
No, it is an obligation-free appraisal. Book one now
Magicsell is a professional company, and no matter how busy our agents are, they will get back to you within a reasonable timeframe with any concerns that you may have. We also provide a 24/7 support team, and our in-house online platform allows you to track the campaign activities. Our online platform shows you real-time data, 24/7 and shows offers made, interest from buyers, enquiries etc.
Upon signing up with us, the agent dedicated to selling your property will be conducting all the open for inspections as well as negotiating on your behalf and eventually selling the property.
Yes. It is completely transparent. You will see all the activity of your sale once you login. Our agents don’t hide anything, that’s our commitment to you.
As soon as the settlement of your home goes through, that is when we expect to be remunerated fully for our services.
There is a once off fee of $699. That is all that you will pay regardless the amount of time it takes to sell your property.
No. This is a one-time cost only until the property is sold. We will never ask for any deposit or extra charge when a home is sold privately (For Sale by Owner).
• List on realestate and domain
• List on other major property portals
• For sale Board
• Printable brochure
• 24/7 buyer’s enquiry forwarding
• Edit & manage listing 24/7
• Full Property report
• Dedicated support staff 7 days

No. This is a one-time cost only until the property is sold. We will never ask for any deposit or extra charge when a home is sold privately (For Sale by Owner).
Yes. Our support team is always there 24/7 ready to answer any questions. You can call us or chat live anytime.
Magicsell does not charge commissions for any sales nor do we charge commissions for agents. There are no hidden charges payable.
Yes, we do. You can use our free property estimate tool which will give you full comprehensive suburb information, recent sales, listed properties in your area.
Yes. There is no legal requirement that a home owner must use a real estate agent in Australia to sell their home. As a result of this, there is a growing trend of For Sale By Owner.
Certainly, if you have extra cash! However, please ensure that this is noted in the attached agreement in the how to section of our site to advise that you want your house listed on magicsell.com.au
We don’t usually require any documents but in some instances we may ask for your rates notice or proof of ownership which you can upload to our system once your property is listed.
It normally takes us a few hours to list your property as we are very particular about the quality and content of the listing. The maximum it takes is 24 hours.
Yes, you can hide the actual price you want by writing the POA in the price box. However, you must enter a price in the mandatory asking price field. This will allow for your listing to show up in the search results. The price you enter in this field will not be displayed to the end user.
No, only one property per advertisement is allowed. However, you are most welcome to take out further advertisements for each property you wish to sell.
We are more than happy to offer free non-legal general advice. We have resources on our website to guide you. Otherwise, do call us for a chat. We will dispel any uncertainty you may face.
No. As you process through each step of the listing, it will be saved and you can return back at a later time to continue from where you left off.
Your solicitor or local conveyancer can quickly and easily handle all the paperwork and write up the contract of sale for you. You will find their prices very modest compared to what you would pay if using an agent.

And remember, even if you you were using a real estate agent you would still be liable for your own legal costs.
We have two payment options. Secure online credit card payment by Stripe and direct bank transfer. Your privacy and credit card details are fully protected.
Its very simple. On add photos step, click add photos and select max 10 photos at one time you wish to upload then click upload photos button. It may take couple of minutes depending on size of the photo. Once they are uploaded photos will display.
Every property listing has an enquire button. People will send you their contact details by email and then you can ring them to a make a suitable time. It's fast and easy and you don't have that third party real estate agent in the middle to complicate things.
Your advert will remain online until it is sold on realeastate.com.au and domain.com.au. If you have chosen Juwai, your subscription will expire after 3 months. However, we may send you a confirmation email after 6 months to ensure that your listing is still required. This is part of our routine website maintenance activity. If you do receive a reconfirmation email and we don't hear back from you within 7 days, your advert will be de-listed.
You can upload a maximum of 20 photos for each package. Every property must have at least one photo or an accurate image or drawing of the actual property.
The system is amazingly successful & user friendly. The reason is simple -Any property listed at the correct price and marketed as heavily as we do is very likely to sell.
Most people find our site very easy to use as there are simple steps to follow. Our HELP line is always available to work through it with you. Often a family member or friend can guide you. If you still require assistance, we will are here to help you.
Your property will be listed on all the major Australian portals such as realestate.com.au , domain.com.au, magicsell.com.au and many other portals.
Yes, it will, all ads are listed in date order after they have been approved.
You handle the enquiries and show people through the property yourself. It's your home so you know how to show if off the best way.

It's really no different to walking visitors through your property who come to inspect your house. Note: always have someone either your friend or family member accompanied during inspection times.
Yes, you can pay via direct bank deposit. Please note when making direct deposit add your listing property address as reference. Bank details are available when list your property.
This is illegal and considered spamming. The agents have done two things. They have breached your privacy, and they have breached our Terms and Conditions of Website Use. Kindly report this at the earliest to Magicsell if such an event were to occur. Get their contact details, and we will take it from there. For breaching your privacy, we also recommend that you report this incident to the privacy commission.
Your details are secure with us. The only time, the information is released is when an interested party wants to purchase your home and need to get in touch with you to arrange an inspection. This occurs when you select the Agent assisted package as you will be managing your home inspections. If you have chosen Magicsell to sell your home with our Flat Fee package, we will then be dealing directly with the buyer and managing your home inspections so your personal information such as your name and telephone number will not be divulged.
Selling your home is an exciting, challenging and rewarding experience. To ensure the best outcome with minimal stress, this sellers g uide will provide useful information to prepare your home for sale.

Before you read further, remember:
  • If you are prepared, you will be in control of the sale, not the buyer.
  • You are selling your home on your own; there is no deadline or hurry to sell it. This means you can consider the offers and take your time. Of course, if you need to sell your home in a hurry, you are still prepared to at least get the minimum price.
Estimate your home price
There are various sources to gather an estimate of how much your home is worth. Once you have compared the sales, you can then set a price for your home and feel comfortable that you have neither set it too high or too low.
  • Online sites such as realestate.com.au and domain.com.au list thousands of homes.
  • Compare your home to similar sized homes and homes which are currently on sale in and surrounding your suburbs.
  • There are certain property value websites. When you enter your address, an obligation free instant valuation will be provided.
  • It is advised to get a professional valuation done for your home. Magicsell too can help you with a free appraisal of your home, obligation free.
Factors which can influence the price of your home

1. Selling at a particular time
Deciding to sell at a particular time or cycle in the market is not always possible. Below are some considerations which can influence how you judge the market.
  • Sellers’s Market/Hot Market
There are more buyers than sellers in the market and competition is fierce. If you plan to sell during this time, do not be surprised if what you list your home for goes for much higher when it is finally sold. In this seller’s market, should you decide to sell, do keep in mind that buyers are really after the location of the property and may not be overly concerned if you do not have a pool or extra balcony.
  • Buyer’s Market/Cold Market
If you have to sell in a cold market, ensure your price is set up appropriately, and your home is maintained well and attractive to the buyer.
  • The Seasons (Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter)
For many, winter is a time to rug up instead of selling. There is less competition and if you wish to sell your home during this period, go for it. Spring and Summer are the best time to sell your home. The sunshine and the flowers bloom, and this leads to natural light filtering through your home as well as the home looking fresh with greenery around. Do note though that this is a hectic period for sale of homes and competition is very fierce. There is an urgency to buy and with buyers having a plethora of options to choose from, ensure your home is marketed well and well-presented at inspection.

2. The Current Condition of Your Home It is so important to ensure that your home is in the best shape possible. Have a real good look at your home and imagine you are a buyer. Does the garden need a little tidy up? Do you think the buyer would like to see peeling wallpapers as they move through your home? Is it so out of touch that you may have to renovate it to add a fresh coat of paint? These issues do and will come up during the sale process and can have a significant impact on the final selling price.

3. Recent Sales
A free appraisal from a real estate agent will identify recent sales in your street if any and in the surrounding locale. Properties which are similar in size, location, conditions, appeal, as well as features are all taken into consideration. These put together, and data collected from competitors and other sources can give you an indicative price which can then guide you when you place a pricing on your home.

4. Building and Pest Inspections
While you don’t have to provide a report to the buyer, having your home inspected may be a good idea if it is a very old home or where there have been issues with termites and rodents in the past. If you are going to hire inspectors, please make sure they are accredited and independent. If the report is negative, you will have to work on your home to fix it so that it prevents annoyance later down the track when the buyer can use it against you to lower the price of your home by pointing out there is a problem with your home.

5. Legal Issues
Contracts of sale, title deeds and other certification will be required and signed upon. You are going to need a lawyer or conveyancer will help prepare the documentation. They will also help with: Completing documents, advising on the legal framework in relations to selling your home, amendments to contracts, an extension of deadlines and any other queries related to land disputes and title deeds.
One of the most important functions of a lawyer is to manage the trust account where the deposit money of the buyer is held from the time of the exchange of contracts to the settlement date. On the other hand, the buyer’s conveyancer will be ensuring all the documentation is in order and will settle the property on behalf of the buyer.

Preparing Your Home

You have spent years in your home. Now, you need to take a step back and realize that this is going to be someone else’s home soon. A buyer who walks through your home is going to view the home differently from you. Buyers need to feel welcomed when they walk through your home.
Below is a checklist of what you should be paying attention to.

1. The first impression has to impress your buyer
2. Clear the clutter from the driveway, the side garden, the garden, the porch. Also, remove toys, hoses, pots.
3. Clean the windows and window frames.
4. Pull out the weeds.
5. Empty the bins, if it smells, sanitize them!
6. Keep the lawns, shrubs, bushes trimmed.
7. Clean the gutters.
8. If required, paint the outside of the home it you have peeling paint and a distressed look. It pays off when selling the home.
9. Clean the garage and do not leave tools lying around.
10. Tie up your pets.
11. Ensure that lighting is fixed up if you have garden lamp posts, etc. as buyers may drive past in the evening to view your home.
12. If you have a big backyard, ensure it is mowed and put all the gardening tools away.
13. Give your barbeque a good cleaning and if required, cover it.
14. Wipe the tables and chairs and replace them where they belong.

Living Room
1. Make sure there is space to walk around your home.
2. Remove bulky furniture.
3. Remove religious statues and icons where possible.
4. Open up windows, blinds to let the natural light in.
5. To remove odors, brew fresh coffee, light up a scented candle or spray with air freshener.
6. Clear clutter such as remote controls, books, CD, s magazines
7. If a fresh coat of paint is required, do it. It is the first impression of the home as the buyer enters.
8. Ensure the light fittings work and fix the broken lighting.
9. If the walls are dark either consider repainting them to a neutral tone or ensure that the room has pops of colour to make it look inviting as the buyer goes through your home.

1. The kitchen is a favourite for buyers, and they will look at everything.
2. You do not need to renovate the entire kitchen unless it is falling apart.
3. Consider repainting the walls if necessary.
4. Cosmetic changes like taps, drawer handles, shelving can spruce up the kitchen.
5. Decluttering and only leaving the essentials on the benchtop is strongly advised.
6. A vase of fresh flowers is very appealing.
7. Remove rubbish bags and empty the bins.
8. If you need to update an old oven, do it. The same applies for a dishwasher.
9. Keep the kitchen tidy.

1. Repair broken tiles on the floor and tubs.
2. Replace peeling laminates on the basins and any other surface.
3. Ensure the grouts and tiles are clean.
4. Add a small vase of fresh flowers or a diffuser to add a fresh appeal.
5. Hang clean towels on the rack.
6. Ensure the toilet flap is placed down!
7. A dirty bathroom is a put off for potential buyers

Separate Toilet
1. Ensure there is no odor. Place a diffuser or spray with freshener before the inspection.
2. Ensure the toilet flap is placed down!
3. Open up the windows for fresh air.
4. Ensure there is a toilet roll in the holder. (Buyers notice everything.)

Laundry Room
1. This room is often forgotten.
2. Empty the cloth racks. Fold the clothes away and put them away.
3. Keep the area dry, neat and clean.

Marketing Your Home Effectively
It is important to market your home well as you will be reaching out to many potential buyers. When selling privately, there are several ways to market your home effectively, and they are listed below.
  • Include specifics such as land size
  • Provide information about the local areas such as schools, shops, parks, public transport etc.
  • Write about the most appealing thing about your home
  • Be honest and factual
  • Look at online descriptions of home similar to yours and get inspiration
  • Take the best shots of your home, both inside and outside
  • A picture tells a story so remove the clutter before taking photos
  • Add about 10-12 photos to your listing
  • If you are not confident to do this on your own, hire a professional photographer
Print your own brochure
  • Use captivating words in the brochure.
  • Add a beautiful description and an image or two of your home
  • These can be given out when buyers come in for an inspection
  • Signs do attract attention as people walk or drive past your property.
  • It is a good idea to have pointer signs at intersections to attract attention as well
Respond to buyers
  • Be responsive to buyers
  • Answer their queries on time and always be honest
  • Appreciate the feedback provided
  • If there are genuine buyers, they will have no problems providing their full name, contact details and drivers license details should they wish to come and inspect your property
Open For Inspection
The day has arrived, and it is now time to swing the doors open. Your home is officially on the market.

One last look
Do a sweep of your home, both inside and outside. Get a neighbour or friend help you go through the home one last time to ensure, the home is presentable and any last-minute clutter, packed away. Imagine you are the buyer and walk around every room. Can the cushions be arranged slightly better, do it? Does the room look a little dark as there is not much sunlight? Consider, opening the blinds. Make any last-minute adjustments. Ensure, the jewelry and valuables are out of reach and concealed.

Set the temperature
If it is an extremely hot day, ensure the cooling is switched on, and likewise, when it is cold, heating is very much appreciated. Buyers must feel comfortable as they walk through the home.

Yes, do stick around
When you sell the property on your own, stay as you are the ‘agent’ and can be there to answer questions.

If you are serious about selling, allow for the occasion flexible open times
We all have busy lives, and at times, a buyer is not able to view the property at a specified time. Allow for flexibility especially if you need to sell your home at the earliest.

Address feedback
The buyer may provide you feedback. Be prepared to listen. There may be immediate concerns, and you may have to address it, or you may end up delaying selling your home or selling it at a lower price than anticipated previously.

The Negotiation

You will be getting offers, and you will need to navigate through them to negotiate and decide the price you want and ensure that you get it.
Below are six strategies which will help you succeed.

1. Be prepared to answer questions
The buyer may want to know the reason you are selling or why you are insisting on a particular price? Be ready to respond. When you answer to the point and come across as a genuine, you are building buyer confidence.

2. Verbal is fine, but I want it in writing, thanks.
Talking is fine, but it needs to be translated into action. If you have a serious buyer, talk to your conveyancer or lawyer and have the amount be put down in writing as a form of commitment.

3. Consider the first few buyers
A buyer has just been through your home and an offer appears in the next few minutes or hours? What do you do? Negotiate with the buyer and see if they are ready to pay the price you are seeking. The longer your home is on the market, it is going to be harder to negotiate the price you are after.

4. No hard and fast rule in negotiations
Contrary to what you may be have been told, settlement to deposit to the buyer wanting to purchase your furniture, anything is possible. Negotiate. You may both need to meet in the middle, so be it. Just remember, you do not want to lose a genuine buyer but neither do you want to be a financial dilemma by underselling the value of the home.

5. Learn to let go
They will come a point in time you will have to move on. If the buyer is not willing to budge and neither are you, at this point, let it go. It is not worth sleepless nights and stress. Remember, there are many reasons for a sale not going through and sometimes, it has nothing to do with your property as much as the buyer’s loan falling through or a family member suddenly deciding they do not want the property.

6. Listen to your buyer
Listen to your buyer carefully. Are they addressing any concerns they have regarding the home? Can you dispel their concerns and work a solution around it?

Your Legal Obligation

Depending on which state you are in, the laws can be slightly different when it involves the legalities of selling your home. Below is a generic summary of what is involved. Legal transactions can be tricky, and you do not want to be caught out in a loophole and pay a heavy price. These legal obligations are handled by lawyers or conveyancers, never an agent or a homeowner.

Section 32
Section 32 is a document provided by the seller of real estate (vendor) to an intending purchaser. Its name comes from Section 32 of the Sale of Land Act, which requires a vendor to provide certain information to a purchaser BEFORE a contract of sale is signed.1 The information includes valuable information such as vendor’s details, title deeds, building permits, information regarding easements and much more.

Contract of Sale
The contract of sale sets out terms what has been agreed between the seller and the buyer. This includes the pricing, settlement, what is included in the pricing, the deposit date, fixtures to be removed or kept, etc.

Contract Exchanges
The seller keeps one copy, and one is kept by the buyer. A deposit is paid which confirms the sale. However, please note that each state has its cooling off period.

Just before the settlement
Both the buyers and the seller’s banks and legal advisers will be in touch to ensure all is well. If the property were to go through renovations, it would be confirmed that has gone through. Cheques and final bank approvals will all be confirmed. Now is the time to make sure, you are all packed up and ready to move when the keys are handed on the day of settlement.

Settlement day
The keys are handed over, and the purchase price is deposited in your bank account minus any fee, charges. The hard work has paid off, and you have sold your property.

24/7 customer support and buyer feedback
Private Sale
  • Even though you are selling the property on your own, we are there to advice you if you require our assistance. We want the best outcome for you
“There is no greater pleasure than offering a robust online platform for clients to sell their own homes with 24/7 customer support.
  • There is much more on offer. Get in touch with our support team today for a chat.
  • Each client is unique and so are their needs. Let us help you.
1. Register yourself with magicsell.com.au

2. Set a price
Thanks to the power of the Internet, you can now research online through sites such as realestate.com.au and domain.com.au which provide tools to evaluate properties which are similar in size and recently sold in your area.

This will allow you to set a realistic price for your home.

3. Present Your Home Well
Just like how an agent would tell you to put your clutter away, do exactly the same, without being told.

A prospective buyer is interested in a presentable home and really in no mood to step over toys or trip on a curled carpet.

Bathrooms and kitchens are keenly observed by prospective buyers so if a renovation is due, do it now. If renovation is not on the budget, then ensure a quick paint or keeping the area as decluttered as possible allows the buyer to visualize the changes they may potentially have to do after moving in.

4. Clear and Concise Property Descriptions
Once you have the pricing and are ready to open the doors to your home, you need to ensure you have a solid description to entice buyers through your home.

Again, you can see some great descriptions of homes for sale online and you can borrow the ideas and then write your description. Keep the narrative short and sharp and let the photos do the rest of the talking.

5. Capture the Best, Leave the Rest
If you take great photos without shaky hands, go for it, otherwise hire a professional photographer who normally charges around $250. If you are planning to take your own photos, please only take photos of your property and not your neighbours, better-looking home.

Common areas like the dining and living areas should be photographed well.
If you live on a rural property, take a few long shots so that buyers can view the land available.

If it is an apartment for example, instead of showing photos of the bathroom, consider taking shots of the fixtures, balcony etc.

6. List the property
You are now ready to submit your listing with magicsell.com.au
Your property will then populate and appear on realestate.com.au and domain.com.au and other major listing sites. Ask us about our international package where you can reach out to Asian Investors!

7. Arranging viewings
You can choose a time which suits you to show your home; open for inspection. You can either do that or offer personal viewings. The choice is entirely yours.

Ensure, your attractive brochures are ready to be handed out. Please make sure that you do a spell and grammar check!

8. Find a conveyancer or solicitor
In the meantime, organize for the legalities such as a conveyancer to help organize the contract of sale.

9. Negotiating a price
Many homeowners find this the most challenging part of selling their home. Just remain cool and calm. You know the figure you want to sell your home for so there is no need to be nervous, tense of intimidated when the buyer is in negotiations with you.

Remember, you have the final say, not them.

If it does turn out that the property has to remain unsold, politely decline the offer. Never burn your bridges as you may just end up accepting the offer at some later stage. If you have been genuine and the buyer can feel it, you may be pleasantly surprised when they up their offer and decide to pay more.

10. Accepting an offer
It is okay to accept a verbal offer which can then be followed up by post or email. However, this is not legally binding until a contract is signed by two parties.

12. Instruct a conveyancer or solicitor.
The conveyancer will take care of the rest of the paperwork and a deposit of 10% is placed in a trust account upon signing the contract.

13. Walkthrough before final settlement
At this final walkthrough, please make sure that you have a witness present with you and settle disputes, if any. An example could be that the buyer may have wanted the kitchen painted and they want to make sure it has, etc.
Before Tenancy During Tenancy
Before Tenancy

During Tenancy
  • Conduct routine Inspections
  • Keep track of all rent paid, repairs & maintenance
  • Be available for any repairs & maintenance
Before Tenancy During Tenancy
Before Tenancy

During Tenancy
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