Selling off market?

Off-marketing listing occurs when a property is listed without public advertising.  Magicsell has an online database of buyers who they contact directly to initiate the selling process based on specific requirements the buyers would be interested in.

Properties which require a quick sale and where the sold price is not much of a concern, are often sold Off Market. Some agents also offer a ‘quiet sale’ through their database of potential buyers before a full-blown advertising campaign is carried out. If that happens, then the homeowner just has to pay a fee for the sale, not the full-blown commission of selling the home.

Why List Your Property Off-Market With Magicsell?

  • Experienced and reliable agents
  • Large online database of interested buyers
  • Low Flat Fee
  • 24/7 Support
  • In-depth knowledge of buyers’ market
  • Quick Sale Without Fuss

The Magicsell Benefit


We help you sell your luxury home or high-profile home quietly and only allow discerning buyers or buyers who match the profile through your home.

Quick Sale

You do not have to go through a long sales cycle and with our excellent relationships with our buyers, we can match a buyer for your home.


You require a reliable agent to help you sell your home in a difficult situation such as a divorce or financial hardship. We can help you sell your home without your neighbour’s finding out. No publicity, just real buyers interested in buying your home.